Cloth Diaper Reviews

Cloth diaper reviews are a great way to learn about different cloth diapers. Choosing cloth diapers for your baby should be fun – not a hair-pulling, run-screaming-from-the-computer experience! Take a deep breath – is here to help!

If you are new to cloth diapering the sheer number of choices can seem overwhelming. The most common thing I hear from parents is that they are completely overwhelmed by the amount of information and the differing opinions about cloth diapers. I’ve been helping families find the right cloth diapers for more than 6 years. I have also tried more than 120 different brands and styles of cloth diapers on my own child. In addition, I am constantly researching new styles and brands for my cloth diaper store (

Here you’ll find my honest reviews and detailed opinions about each cloth diaper we have tried. It is my policy to report the good and the bad. While I do sell cloth diapers – I am often brutally honest even about brands I choose to carry. Brands that don’t make the grade are never brought into my store so I don’t need to write a fake review just to sell them. Also, I do not rely on free samples from manufacturers to diaper my child – so I won’t write a glowing review just to keep the diaper samples coming. In fact, most of the time I buy the diapers I review.

I know a few things for sure:

* There is no miracle diaper.

You don’t need to kill yourself reading every word ever written about reusable diapers just to make the right choice for your family. There are MANY washable diapers that fit the average baby very well and do a great job of containing leaks. Yes, there are some bad diapers out there, but most of the good brands will work well for most babies and families.

* There is no miracle cloth diaper detergent.

Water is different everywhere. Babies have different biochemistry, different diets and different output levels. Pick a recommended detergent. If it does not work well for your family, try a different one. There are a number of great detergents available. Be wary of homemade detergents (pH levels are rarely exact – so rashes and buildup and even ruined cloth diapers are common). Steer clear of any detergent that contains bar soap, natural or synthetic oils, or borax (too much borax can cause elastic and PUL to break down).

* Enjoy the process! Cloth diapers really can be fun.

No one ever gets really excited about disposables – but getting fluffy cloth diapers in the mail or visiting a local cloth diaper store can be exciting. Buying things for your baby can be stressful when money is tight, but there are lots of budget friendly options as well. If money is really tight, check out my article on how to cloth diaper on any budget.

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