bumGenius Freetime Review

bumGenius Freetime ReviewThe bumGenius Freetime is made by the same company that makes bumGenius 4.0 pocket diapers, Flip covers, The bumGenius Elemental and Econobum diapers and covers. The sizing and design of all these brands is the same – they use the same basic pattern for all of these diapers. The bumGenius 4.0 pocket diaper is still the best selling option in my store, but the Freetime is quickly gaining on them!

What is the difference between the Freetime and the 4.0?

The bumGenius 4.0 is a pocket diaper. This means that there is an opening between the outer waterproof cover and the stay-dry lining. Each 4.0 pocket diaper comes with two absorbent inserts made of microfiber (like microfiber cleaning cloths). To use the pocket diaper, you simply slide the insert into the pocket opening like putting a letter in an envelope.

The bumGenius Freetime is an all-in-one diaper. This means that there are no extra pieces to find or lose. There is no pocket to stuff. Instead, the absorbent layers are sewn right into the diaper. That is what makes it an “all in one” diaper. The outer waterproof layer is attached to the inner stay-dry lining so the PUL (polyurethane laminate) does not touch the baby. The absorbent inserts are sewn in in a flap style. One flap is stitched in at the front and one at the back. Each insert has stitched lines to make it easier to fold the flap to the length you need. This also allows you to customize the diaper so you can put the most absorbency where it is needed for your baby. Fold to the front for boys and to the middle for girls.

How does the Freetime compare to other diapers in fit and trimness?

The bumGenius Freetime has a bit more absorbency than a single bumGenius 4.0 insert. This makes them a touch more bulky than the 4.0 pocket diaper. It is not a big difference, but if trimness is the most important issue for you – then the Freetime may be better for night time use for your family. If absorbency and convenience are more important for you, this is a great diaper.

The overall pattern is the same as the other bumGenius diapers, so the fit is still great for most babies from 8-35 pounds. As with any cloth diaper, hook and loop tabs offer the most adjustable fit. They are wonderful for getting a snug fit on thin or small babies. Hook and loop tabs are also wonderful for dads, babysitters, night-time diaper changes, and any time fussing with snaps seems like too much effort. Snaps are the most durable and, thanks to the stretchy tabs and double layer of snaps, they are still very adjustable.

How do they work?

My testers are raving about the bumGenius Freetime. They love how simple they are to use. They love not having to worry about finding any pieces or stuffing pockets. While stuffing pocket diapers is not difficult, it does get old after a while. With the bumGenius Freetime all you need to do is wash and reuse.

Several testers have told me that they are using the Freetime as a night-time diaper since it is naturally so abosrbent. If they need extra absorbency, they just tuck a doubler or hemp insert behind the stay-dry flaps. In fact, one family that does not cloth diaper during the day is using the Freetime at night since their 6 month old was wetting right through his disposable diapers by 2 AM! The Freetime is keeping their baby, and the crib, completely dry.

How do they wash?

The drawback to most all-in-one diapers is that they typically take a very long time to dry and they often develop odor issues because they don’t come clean easily. The Freetime is designed with a little absorbency in the diaper itself and the rest divided between the front and back flaps. Since no part of the diaper is more than three layers thick, they come clean easily and dry in a jiffy. The stay-dry suedecloth lining is stain-resistant and keeps baby feeling dry.

Overall Freetime Review:

I love the bumGenius Freetime. It washes and drys in a flash. The absorbency is great and it is easy to add more if needed. The fit is good on most babies and it is just a touch more bulky than the bumGenius 4.0. The bumGenius Freetime is also very affordable, just $2 more than the pocket diaper and well in line with other popular brands. My only concern with this diaper is that it is too early to know how the sewn-in inserts will hold up over long-term washing. Overall, I have no problem recommending the bumGenius Freetime to anyone who wants to get started with cloth diapers or extend their stash with a top-quality diaper.

As with other bumGenius products, you can buy the bumGenius Freetime at One Lucky Mama as well as other cloth diaper stores.

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