Rockin Green Giveaway

Rockin Green Remix Giveaway

Wanna try some of the awesome Rockin Green products? I’ve put together a little Rockin your laundry giveaway, sponsored by more storeRockin Green Giveaway. You have the chance to win this fabulous gift pack worth $41.75 including these Rockin prizes:

* 6 sample packets of Rockin Green Remix cloth diaper detergent – one in each fragrance all the way from Smashing Watermelons to Motley Clean Value $6 ($1 each) (Each packet is good for 2 top loader loads or 4 front loader washes).

* One Rockin Green Pail Freshener in your choice of fragrance Value $6.75

* One Yum Bum Butter cloth diaper safe diaper rash cream in Smashing Watermelons scent Value $15

* One pair of Meadowlark Mountain wool dryer balls to help soften your cloth diapers and remove static in the dryer. Wool dryer balls also help cut drying time – reducing wear and tear on your diapers and your utility bills Value $14

So, you ask, how can I get my hands on this great prize that will make doing my cloth diaper laundry a true joy?

You can enter up to 3 times per person, each entry must be in a separate post. The winning entry will be selected with a random number generator. Entries that do not follow the rules will be disqualifed. Extra entries beyond 3 per person will be deleted. You must be a resident of the United States and over 18 to enter.

Entry #1: Post a review on One Lucky Mama (my store) for one of your favorite products. Then come back here and post a comment to let me know what product you reviewed (be sure to include your user name so I can tell who you are).

Entry #2: Tweet this giveaway, be sure to include a link, then post a comment below.

Entry #3: Like the Cloth Diaper Reviews page on Facebook so you’ll be able to see all of our reviews and giveaways as they happen. Then comment below.

Comments close and the drawing will be held Wednesday, September 14 at 12 Noon Mountain Time.

And the winner is…

Kathleen Crouch in comment number 8. Congratulations! Thank you to all who entered.

Rockin Green Remix Review

Rockin Green Detergent Remix Review

Rockin Green Detergent original scented detergent created a lot of problems for us the first time around. Since then, the formula has been revised and just a few months ago it was remixed. While the revised unscented formula did not cause any skin irritation for my daughter, it just did not get our diapers clean in our super hard water. For the last several weeks we have been trying out the new Rockin Green Remix in several scents. I am thrilled to report that our diapers are clean and my daughter’s skin is clear. Rockin Green Remix works.

Rockin Green detergent is popular in part because of the great scents – and the fun scent names. All of the scents are made with natural ingredients so they are safer for the environment – and they are specially formulated to rinse cleanly from diaper fabrics. This is extremely important to your baby’s skin – and their breathing.

Most major detergent brands are scented with petroleum-based fragrances that are designed to build up on fabric. This is how they can advertise that the “fresh scent” lasts for weeks. That scent is build up on the fabric – and many of the ingredients are harsh on little lungs and can cause irritation on baby skin. Many smaller brands of detergent that are popular for cloth diapering are scented with fragrance oils intended for use in soap or candles – not formulated for rinsing cleanly from fabric. Especially in hard water, those fragrances can bind to the minerals in the water and cause ammonia stink and skin irritation.

I spoke with Kim Webb, owner and inventor of Rockin Green as I was preparing this review. After the first experience we had with the original version, I wanted to ask some tough questions before I recommended the remix. Kim told me that extensive dermatologic tests were performed before the new version was released. Human volunteers wore patches of Rockin Green soaked fabric on their arms for several weeks to test the mildness of the formula. It passed with flying colors – even though the test was more stringent than typical detergent tests. Few companies would be willing to go to such lengths to ensure the safety of their product.

So, what about the Rock the Soak instructions? Our diapers had developed some buildup during testing of a different detergent – so I decided to soak them in Rockin Green overnight (be sure to check with your diaper manufacturer before soaking, even in plain water – for some this will violate the warranty). The next morning the water in the washer was grey and icky looking. I rinsed three times to make sure all the residue was gone. They smelled fresh and clean.

We’ve been using Rockin Green exclusively for about 2 months now. I have had to use a bit more detergent than recommended due to our hard well water, but we have had no buildup issues or rashes. I can definitely recommend this detergent with no reservations now – just be aware that if any detergent causes irritation you should discontinue use immediately. Every baby is different and the minerals in each water system are different.

Rockin Green detergent is now available in my online store as well as for local pickup from my Utah cloth diaper store.

Check out the next post for a chance to win a Rockin Green trial pack so you can try all the great scents (contest is held in September 2011).

Colored Prefold Cloth Diapers

Prefold Cloth Diapers: Practical and Effective

Prefold cloth diapers get a bad rap sometimes. Yes, they require some degree of folding, but it is easy to learn how to fold a prefold cloth diaper. Yes, they are a bit less convenient for cleaning up after a messy diaper (flushable liners or a diaper sprayer help a lot!). However, they are absorbent, inexpensive, and with a tiny bit of practice they are really easy to use.

We have been using prefolds part time since my daughter was born. They hardly ever leak and they are a natural fiber option that is very cost-effective. You can get started with a prefold cloth diaper package for around $100 or so. Bummis organic cotton prefold packages from are still well under $200. One of the most amazing features of prefold cloth diapers is that they can be used for so many things other than diapering.

A mom just told me that her mother is still using leftover prefolds to clean her home – 30 years after she used them for diapering! Try that with a disposable – ew, wait, don’t!

Other moms have told me that they use prefolds as burp cloth diapers, for cleaning up spills and pet accidents, as impromptu bibs, doll blankets, converted into training pants, and more. Preemie size prefolds are easily folded into thirds for use as cloth menstrual pads. We use a clean prefold cloth diaper underneath the dining room booster seat to help protect the chair underneath from spills.

What is your favorite use for outgrown or leftover prefold cloth diapers? The comment with the most creative use (as judged by me, though user comments will count heavily in favor!) will win a 3 pack of large colored prefold cloth diapers. If you make prefold burp cloth diapers, include a link to your creations.

Comments will close August 23.

Update August 24: Jeanice, you are the winner! I’ll email you with details on how to claim your colored prefolds!