Thirsties Fab Fitted Diaper Review

Thirsties Fab Fitted DiaperThirsties Fab Fitted diapers are soft, and colorful, and easy to use. For an average baby they are also pretty absorbent. With my little one, who drinks like a fish and pees like Niagara falls, we need a bit more absorbency so we add a hemp doubler. Hemp is so thin that we can still enjoy the super trim fit of the Fab Fitted without sacrificing absorbency. The stay-dry fleece lining makes messes super easy to clean up – and keeps my baby feeling dry.

Fitted diapers with covers are my personal favorite for cloth diapering. Some parents consider using a diaper and a cover to be like diapering twice. I prefer to think of it as two lines of defense against leaks.

With a fitted diaper and cover, you get two sets of elastic to hold in messes. This is especially helpful with newborns and exclusively breastfed babies. They are very slightly more expensive than buying all in one diapers. A full stash of 18 Thirsties Fab Fitteds and 4 covers will cost you about $292. Compare that to 18 BumGenius all-in-ones which will cost you about $288. However, the fitted diapers will wash and dry much more quickly and provide double the protection against leaks. BumGenius all in ones take two dryer loads to dry for us. Thirsties Fab Fitted dry in one dryer load. They even dry quickly (and stay super soft) when line-dryed or air-dryed. Not running your dryer can save a lot of money on utilities.

Thirsties Fab Fitted DiaperFitted diapers are a great choice for babysitters, daycare centers and those unfamiliar with cloth diapers. Many parents choose to use prefolds and covers at home, but use fitted diapers with the same covers when they are out and about. This is a very economical choice, since you’ll need the covers anyway. That brings your total cost for a full stash down considerably. You can get 24 infant prefolds and 4 Thirsties covers for $81 – and add 3 fitted diapers for only $43 more. That gives you a good number of diapers as well as some convenience options.

While Thirsties Fab Fitteds are not our fastest selling diaper, our customers love them. They are also perfect for that newborn stage when babies are needing to be changed so often. Fumbling with a complicated diaper when you are half asleep is no fun. These diapers are simple to use – even when you are sleep-deprived! That must be why so many parents add them to their baby registry.

Thirsties Fab Fitted diapers are available from Little for Now cloth diapers.

Bamboozle Cloth Diaper Review

Bamboozle Cloth DiaperI love the Bamboozle cloth diaper! Soft, soft, soft and cuddly bamboo loop terry (think bath towel, but softer), combined with a great fit and super absorbency. We bought a size 2, which is made to fit from about 10 pounds to 35 pounds. This is the same range that most one size diapers are meant to fit, which makes them a great deal for a bamboo diaper (whoops, the FTC says we now need to call it viscose of bamboo or rayon from bamboo). They fit very trimly and you can choose to add the snap-in doubler for older babies. The cross-over snaps on the wings make them easy to adjust even for skinny babies.

Bamboozles are made by TotBots in Scotland. The Bamboozle is one of the top-rated and top-selling diapers in the United Kingdom. They are also Oeko-Tek certified to be free from any harnful chemicals.

If you have a baby in that in-between learning to eat solids stage, you might want to use a flushable liner to make it easier to remove solids. For breastfed newborns this is not an issue, since you can just drop the whole thing in the wash. For older babies it is not much of an issue either, since solids come off pretty easily. Messy poops will make you grateful for either a diaper sprayer or a liner.

I love how cuddly this diaper is, and how it still looks great after several washes. The absorbency was good as well. For overnights, you’ll need a doubler. For day time, this is a soft and easy to use diaper.

To adjust the rise for little babies, simply remove the doubler and fold the rise down. You can snap the wings into the same snaps that once held the doubler in place. For older babies, just wrap and snap as you would any diaper. No complicated adjustments and no bulk. These fit nicely under Bummis cloth diaper covers, Thirsties Duo Wraps and also under Imse Vimse or Happy Heiny’s wool diaper covers. Pairing the Bamboozle with wool makes a nice, breathable combination for babies with sensitive skin.

You can buy Bamboozles in my store, Little for Now cloth diapers.

Tykie Diapers Fitted Cloth Diaper Review

I love, love , love this diaper! It absorbs an amazing amount. It is adorable. And the fit is fantastic. We use our Tykie Diapers fitted cloth diaper as an overnight diaper. Due to my super-soaker’s tendencies, I do add an additional hemp doubler. For a normal wetter, this diaper would be plenty all by itself.

I ordered a Tykie Diapers fitted diaper after hearing rave reviews from another cloth diapering mom. I am so glad I did. I ordered the sea turtles print in a large. It fits Eva perfectly. I am not usually a fan of side snapping diapers, but this one works great for us. There are two rows of snaps, so I can adjust the waist and leg snaps separately, allowing for my skinny baby’s chunky thighs. The print I chose is done in one direction only, so when assembling the diaper it was carefully seamed so the turtles face up in both directions. So very cute!

Inside are layers upon layers of hemp fleece and bamboo velour. However, it dries quickly due to the snap in, two layer soaker. This is very similar to the design of my own bamboo velour fitteds, which could explain why I like it so much! I designed what seemed like the perfect fitted diaper to me and it turns out great minds do think alike.

Tykie Diapers also offers adorable embroidered diapers and diaper covers. All at very reasonable prices.

These are sized diapers, so you will need to buy new diapers as your baby grows. I prefer sized diapers in most cases since they offer a better fit.  For the fit, attention to detail and great absorbency, these are wonderful diapers. You can check them out at