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Cloth Diapers – Washing Saga Finale

This is the third in our series on common cloth diaper washing myths. I will be reviewing Cruncy Clean, Rockin Green, Tiny Bubbles, Thirsties NEW cloth diaper prewash and detergent, and some other cloth diaper detergents in coming weeks. For now, back to mythbusting: * “PUL should never be put in the dryer” According to [...]

Cloth Diapers – Washing Myths Part Two

* “You need to strip or boil your diapers every month.” If your diapers develop odors every month, I would respectfully submit the possibility that something is not right with your wash routine. Clean diapers do not smell bad. Clean diapers freshly peed on will not put everyone around the baby into a coma. If [...]

Cloth Diapers: Common Cloth Diaper Washing Myths

I am going to go out on a limb here and put to rest some common myths about washing cloth diapers. If you are using any of these methods and they make you happy and your diapers clean, keep doing exactly what works for you. I can only tell you what 4 years of research and [...]

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