Spread the Word – Support Cloth Diapering Book

Although cloth diapers are growing in popularity, the vast majority of parent are still unaware that cloth diapers are so easy to use or so readily available. An Oregon cloth diapering mom who happens to be a journalist and photographer is working to fund a cloth diaper photo book to help spread the word about cloth diapers. The future book will be titled, The Dirties on Diapering.

The goal of the project is to show parents how easy it is to use cloth diapers – and how damaging disposables are to the environment. Nothing says “unnecessary trash” like a photo of a mountain of sposies in a landfill. Of course, nothing says “cute” like a sweet baby in a comfy cloth diaper.

Jamie Wilkinson, the brain behind the project, has just 7 days left to get the funding she needs to make this book a reality. She is seeking funding through Kickstarter – a crowd funding site that allows people to pledge donations for a project they like. If the $6,000 funding goal is not met by the deadline, the project will not receive a dime. As of this writing, just over $1,000 is still needed.

You can donate as little as $1 to the cause – and there is even a way to donate $1 for free. There really is power in numbers – if everyone visiting this blog in the next 7 days donated just $1 – Jamie could easily meet her goal. So, go read about the Dirties on Diapering project and watch the short video. If you can, donate. If you don’t feel that you can donate at this time, there are several other ways to help out.

Of course, you can donate the first $1 for free by signing up for the Red Tricycle newsletter. You can also Like, Tweet or otherwise share this article with anyone who is interested in cloth diapers or the environment. Or you can place an order through Little for Now by April 27. I will donate 10% of all http://www.LittleForNow.com sales between April 21-April 27, 2011.

If we raise more money than is needed for the book project, any extra will go to a project in Kenya that is teaching teenage girls how to make their own washable cloth pads so they no longer need to miss 1 week of school each month.  As is true in most African countries, few Kenyan girls have the resources to handle the hygiene concerns during their periods, so they are forced to stay home and miss school. The project is also teaching basic health and hygiene so these girls can stay in school and stay healthy.

It’s a great way to celebrate Earth Day and know that your purchase is doing some extra good!

You can view the Dirties on Diapering project here: Dirties on Diapering

The Kenyan girls school project is here: Kenya Girls Project

Thanks, Pampers!

Ok, I had to laugh when I read this press release from Proctor and Gamble (makers of Pampers). Pampers Dry Max Rash Denial.

Now, I have no idea what the truth is here. I have not talked to any of the parents involved. I have not seen the rashes. I do not know what specifically was changed in the new diapers.

I do know that the Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating, so there must be a fair amount of evidence. I have actually used DryMax diapers on my daughter and while they leaked like crazy, they did not give her a rash. (Life lesson, always pack more diapers than you think you’ll need so you don’t have to carry a soggy child into the drugstore for emergency diapers on a 2 hour outing that lasted all day! Their “12 hour” diapers proceeded to leak through every 1 1/2 hours for the rest of our day – a properly stuffed pocket diaper lasts her 2 1/2 hours or more.)

But here is what I think is funny – not only is P&G is denying any possibility that there is a real problem – they are blaming cloth diaper “promoters” for the rumors. The problems are being reported by people who use disposables regularly – not by people who use cloth diapers. Duh! The Facebook page where parents are complaining and begging Pampers to return to their old diapers is certainly not populated by thousands of cloth diapering parents since we don’t care what Pampers does. All of those parents are sposie users.

It amazes me how politicians and big companies now blame “Mommy bloggers” when they take a public relations hit. Yes, we mommy bloggers write about many things, and it sucks to be you if you make a bunch of us mad. But come on! How can you blame Mommy bloggers when major news outlets like Reuters are covering the issue?

I do want to thank Pampers for one thing though. Many new cloth-diapering parents tell me that they had never considered cloth diapers since they did not “know that anyone still used those.” Well, Pampers just announced publicly that not only are cloth diapers still a choice, but they implied that cloth diaper users don’t have to worry about chemical burns from their diapers (the truth at last!). Not only that, they just publicly stated that we are a force to be reckoned with – even if they were trying to blame us for their current reputation nightmare.

Thanks, Pampers. We love you and your petroleum-based, landfill-clogging, wallet-skimming products too!

Cloth Diapers: The WAHM Behind Global Enfant

For our first Juicy Details report, I talked with Selena Volodzskis of Global Enfant.

What got you started with cloth diapers?  My mom used cloth. I am the oldest, and I was not quite 7 when my mom had my younger sister, so I was pinning diapers at the age of 6. It was prefolds, pins and rubber pants. To this day I still feel more comfortable using pins versus Snappis. In addition to my 2 younger siblings, my mom ran a daycare center while I was growing up. She was the only one in the entire county that accepted babies in cloth at the time. Ironically, I never had experience with disposables until I started babysitting as a teenager, whereas many people these days are converting to cloth after using ‘sposies on their babies.

How many kids and what ages? DS just turned 3, DD just turned 1…more to come :) )

How long have you been in business? Legally since July 2006, with our official grand opening on April 22, 2007 (Earth Day).

How did you get started? What inspired you? My husband and I were living in Hawaii. At the time, there were no stores on the islands that sold cloth diapers, and so I was ordering everything online. My husband has a background in manufacturing/wholesale and I have a background in finance. I knew I didn’t want to go back to work after my baby was born, and so I thought I could help bring in a bit of extra money as well as serve our local community by working part-time from home selling diapers and natural baby products. Of course it soon turned in to a full-time gig, and when we found ourselves pregnant with our second, my husband decided to jump on board full-time so that we could continue to expand the business. We also relocated from Hawaii to the Mainland, so we can service our internet customers with lightning fast shipping.

What is your favorite thing about being in this business? I love it all! Finding new products, meeting new moms, saving the planet.

What did you do before this? I worked in finance for a number of years, but I am finally going back to school for my masters in Midwifery, which is what I have wanted to do for the past 20 years.

What do you like to do to relax with your family? Travel, go to the beach.

Who do you look up to? Do you have a hero/heroine? Gosh, actually no. I find inspiration and motivation from other people all of the time, but I really feel you have to create your own destiny in life.

What have you learned from being in this business? If you want something done right, you really DO have to do it yourself.

What hobbies do you enjoy? Traveling, surfing, being with my hubby and kids.

Do you have a favorite product? Wool! I spend way too much money on wool for my kids. My son potty trained at 16 months, and I am actually dragging my feet with my daughter so that I don’t suddenly find myself without a baby to wrap in wool.

Where do you live? What is your favorite thing about that place? South Carolina. We live right across the street from the beach, which we could never afford to do in California or Hawaii. I love that they haven’t cut down all of the trees. In So Cal, everything is planned, master-planned and developed – even the beach; but here we have wild deer, possum, birds galore, squirrels, sea turtles AND the beach, all right in our back yard.

Where are you from? I am originally from Southern California.

Are you married? When/where did you meet your husband? Yes, we met in Maryland in an elevator. We were doing US Coast Guard certification. I saw him and knew that he would be the father of my children. He wasn’t so sure, but here we are :)

What is one place you’ve dreamed of going or one thing you dream of doing? Dream of going – Bora Bora (Tahiti) and Indonesia. My husband and planned to go on a surfing trip, but now that we have kids I wonder if I really want to surf THOSE waves. But I still want to make the trip with the whole family. Dream of doing – Become a midwife, which I am finally making happen!

Anything else you’d like people to know? Questions? Give us a call – we answer the phone!

You can see Selena’s store and the great selection she offers at www.globalenfant.com