LuSa Organics Review and Giveaway

That’s right, it is time for another giveaway! This time, it is something almost any cloth diapering family can use – cloth diaper wipes solution, diaper balm and a bar of baby soap.

LuSa organics sent us a two of each: Baby Wipe Juice, Booty Balm and Calendula Baby Soap. One to test and one for the giveaway.

I am pretty picky about baby wipe solution and other natural products for baby’s skin. As the former owner of Sheepish Grins, I spent a lot of time poring over recipes and ingredient profiles. Way too often I see ingredients added – or left out – that can cause major problems. For instance, some small manufacturers decide that all preservatives are bad – and then they create products that are not protected against mold, yeast, bacteria and other scary things. I am happy to say that the LuSa organics ingredients are free of any chemicals I avoid, and they contain safe preservatives.

Any time you add water to a product, you need to use something to keep the nasties away. LuSa has chosen to use natural preservatives in their Baby Wipes Juice, including citric acid and silver citrate. These have a good history and have been well-tested.

The Baby Wipes Juice is supposed to make 2 gallons of solution. I think it is too strong at that ratio, so I watered mine down a bit more – which should giveus closer to 3 gallons or more of solution. My baby has sensitive skin and at the full strength dilution she got a little redness from the Wipes Juice. As soon as I watered it down a bit she was just fine and we used it for several weeks with no problems at all. The scent is strong, but very pleasant and herbal. LuSa has included lavender, patchouli, peru balsam and chamomile essential oils.

The Booty Balm is made with skin-healing olive oil, jojoba oil (very similar to the moisturizers naturally produced by skin), moisture-preserving beeswax, and avocado oil (rich in vitamins). The same essential oils and preservatives are used in the balm as in the wipes juice. While preservatives are probably not necessary in a balm, they do provide a little extra insurance against contamination. This balm is very smooth and not sticky. We had no problems with build up on cloth diapers, but I am also careful to apply any balm sparingly. We also loved it for winter-dried cheeks and little scratches.

The calendula baby soap is very mild and gentle to skin. The calendula flowers in it are a nice touch. The soap is fragrance free, which is always a great choice for baby’s delicate skin. Calendula is said to soothe and heal skin, so it is often used in soaps and balms for those with skin problems or sensitive skin. We love that it is fragrance free, since my mother can not be exposed to any fragrances.

We are really happy with the Lusa products. You can check them out here: LuSa Organics

Ok, now for the giveaway. You are entering to win a package with one bar of calendula soap, one bottle of Baby Wipes Juice and one jar of Booty Balm. Retail value is $25.70. For this giveaway, you must be a resident of the US because I don’t want to deal with customs issues.

You can enter up to 4 times. Each entry must be in a separate comment on this blog. Please do not enter more than 4 times or I will delete extra entries.

* Mandatory entry: Go to LuSa organics site and post a comment here about what your favorite item is on their site.

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The giveaway ends on Tuesday, February 9 at 12 PM Mountain Time (that is 10 AM Eastern).