Booroi Bamboo Cloth Diaper Review

Booroi Cloth Diaper Cover

Booroi Cloth Diaper Cover

Booroi bamboo cloth diapers are soft, absorbent and easy to use. The ingeniously designed Booroi diaper cover contains leaks amazingly well and makes it easy to change diapers.

Booroi sent us a sample bamboo prefold, a cute red cover, some bamboo wipes and a wipes wet bag.

The Booroi cloth diaper cover is designed to hold the trifolded bamboo diaper. The cloth diaper cover is made from two layers of PUL. In the middle of the inner layer is a large opening to allow you to tuck in the diaper. The opening is edged with soft elastic binding. When the prefold is in place, just wrap the cover around the baby and snap in place. The soft inner elastic forms a gentle gusset or seal around baby’s legs, holding in wetness and messes.  This is the first diaper cover I have seen that offers a double gusset similar to those found in gdiapers or Rumparooz pocket diapers.

When the prefold is wet, you can change it out for a clean diaper and reuse the cover unless it is wet or messy. This makes for a very cost-effective option since you can use just a few diaper covers each day. The prefolds are made from two layers of a substantial bamboo terry cloth with an extra layer in the middle. These diapers do quilt up a lot when washed, making them very thick. They are very absorbent, but also a little bulky.

I like this prefold trifolded, and I also used it stuffed into a pocket diaper, but they are too thick and not well-proportioned for use with pins or a Snappi. They are much shorter than a standard premium prefold and much wider, making it difficult to fold them properly for fastening.

The soft, bamboo terry Booroi wipes are thin enough to be easy to use, yet thick enough to do a great job. The gentle texture makes them great for cleaning messes. The binding on the edges of the wipes does shrink a bit when washed, so the wipes do not lay flat. I actually like the slightly rounded effect of these wipes since they conform nicely to your hand when used. However, for those who store wipes in a wipes warmer they will be a little less convenient to use.

The small wet bag the wipes come in is nicely sized to hold one or two wet diapers or several wipes. The snaps allow it to snap to another wet bag to keep them together in your diaper bag.

You can buy Booroi diapers, covers, wipes and wet bags at

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