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Tiny Bubbles Cloth Diaper Detergent Review

Tiny Bubbles Cloth Diaper DetergentTiny Bubbles cloth diaper detergent is made for The Natural Baby Company, the makers of Gro Baby and Dream Eze diapers . We’ve been testing this detergent for several months now (what can I say, I can be a slow tester!). It is a powder detergent and contains very similar ingredients to some of the other powdered detergents sold for cloth diapers.

While I am not a huge fan of powdered detergents in general, I do like being able to use exactly the amount that I need. This is easier with powders than it is with liquids, and less messy.  We have had no problems with the detergent clumping in the wash, as has happened with some other detergents we have tried.

While this is not the cheapest option for cleaning cloth diapers, I have gotten good results with it. We have extremely hard well water, so any detergent has to work pretty hard to just maintain the status quo here. Tiny Bubbles does a great job of helping to lift out stains. This is partly due to the sodium percarbonate. Sodium percarbonate is the stuff that makes Oxiclean work. It is natural and safe for cloth diapers. I have seen it take the color out of hand-dyed fabrics when over-used. At normal levels it has worked great on even my dyed diapers.

Tiny Bubbles is phosphate free and contains no dyes, brighteners or enzymes. It is completely biodegradable and rinses very cleanly. We have had no problems at all with detergent buildup or detergent rashes.

One box will clean about 30 loads in a top-loading machine or 60 loads in a front-loader. That comes to about 43 cents per load for toploaders like mine and 21 cents per load for a frontloading machine. That is a bit more expensive than some of the alternatives. What has worked well for us is using the much less expensive Allen’s Naturally (about 16 cents per load in a top loader) alternating with the Tiny Bubbles. This way we get the benefits of the oxygen bleach on every other load, while still keeping our costs down.

I am quite pleased with how the Tiny Bubbles detergent has worked for us. So, I added it to my store. You can purchase both Tiny Bubbles and Allen’s Naturally, as well as other cloth diaper detergents at Little for Now cloth diapers (and get low flat rate shipping).

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