Baby Kanga One Size Review

Baby Kanga one size diapers ave a unique pocket opening – and it is a great idea. The pocket is located on the outside of the diaper. It has a zippered closure, so there is no chance of a messy diaper interfering with removing the insert. I held off trying these for a long time, since the pictures I saw online weren’t very clear about the zipper. I was not sure how this idea would work or if it was such a good plan. I finally ordered some and I am really glad I did.

Baby Kanga One Size

Baby Kanga One Size

This is one of my favorite diapers. It is easy to use, the sizing is perfect, and the quality is wonderful. We’ve been using our Baby Kanga one size diaper for more than a year and it is still in great shape. More importantly, it still fits my rapidly growing 2 year old. She is in size 3T clothes – so she has outgrown a lot of brands of one size diapers. This is one of the diapers I reach for first when the diapers are all clean.

Stuffing the Baby Kanga one size is easy. The zippered pocket gives plenty of room to get the insert in, and there is no chance of it shifting around after it is in place. The zipper pull is acutally made from ribbon – so there is no little pokey part like you’ll find on other zippers. The covered nylon zipper is located on the front of the diaper, near the waist snaps. It is cleverly concealed in the seam so it is only noticable if you look for it. Inside the pocket is a PUL flap to make sure that the insert does not wick onto the zipper and cause leaks.

The leg elastic is just right, not too stretchy or stiff. It does a fine job of containing messes. The inner lining is microfleece and since there is no pocket opening inside to worry about, cleaning messes off is a breeze. If you need to rinse the diaper with a cloth diaper sprayer – just remove the insert from the outside of the diaper. Simple as can  be!

The waist snaps are spaced for easy adjustments, and they cross-over for tiny newborn waists. The rise adjustment snaps are well-placed so the sizes work well as your baby grows – giving you three sizes in one diaper. The rise is long enough that we still get a nice under the belly-button fit even at 30 pounds and 37 inches tall. The PUL (waterproof outer layer) is stretchy so there is a bit more give and growing room in the Baby Kanga one size diaper. The Baby Kanga is also made in Canada – which is nice. So many companies are going to China for production now, I love promoting any company that keeps jobs in North America where workers are treated fairly and wages are decent.

Baby Kanga inserts are optional for retailers, so you may find that various retailers have different insert options. Most opt for a one size hemp insert. Hemp is incredibly absorbent, so I like this option. If you buy Baby Kangas from Little for Now cloth diapers they will come with a one size hemp insert.

This is definitely a diaper I would recommend. The price is a bit higher than other one size diapers, but the quality and convenience are well worth the small extra cost. The hemp insert also makes it worth the extra price since you’ll be getting improved absorbency along with a great diaper. Try a Baby Kanga one size today!

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