Bamboo Diapers from Drybees Gone Natural

Drybees Gone Natural bamboo diapers have been eagerly awaited. The just arrived and they are

Drybees Gone Natural Bamboo Diaper

Drybees Gone Natural Bamboo Diaper

causing quite a flurry of activity! These soft, bamboo velour diapers are available in two sizes. The small size is supposed to fit 5-15 pounds and the larger size is supposed to fit 12-36 pounds. Our little tester tried a size 2 (larger size) Drybees Gone Natural. I think this diaper would have easily fit her at about 8 pounds.

She is 12 pounds now and is wearing it on the medium rise setting with plenty of room to grow. The smaller size 1 bamboo diapers should fit well on a newborn of almost any size. They are definitely small enough to use on a 4-5 pound premie through about 12-15 pounds. I would have moved Eva up to a size 2 well before 15 pounds though, as the rise is just not long enough for her on the size 1 diaper.

The Drybees Gone Natural is the next generation of Drybees adjustable bamboo diapers and I much prefer it to the original. The first Drybees one size was soft and absorbent, but was too bulky for a little baby and the lay in soaker was too much trouble to keep track of. The new bamboo diapers have a trimmer fit and two attached soakers for fast drying time.

The inner soaker snaps in and is covered by the bamboo velour topped sewn-in top soaker. The whole diaper is made with an unbleached bamboo velour outer fabric and super-absorbent bamboo fleece inner layer. This is a very absorbent diaper!

These diapers are serged in a nice rainbow thread, so they add a bit of color while still maintaining the natural look and feel of bamboo.

Click to see more pictures of the Drybees bamboo diaper.

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