Blueberry One Size Diaper Review

Blueberry One Size Diaper

Blueberry One Size Diaper

Blueberry one size diapers are well-known and many parents swear by them. Unfortunately, they had me ready to swear at them. Blueberry one size diapers offer a nice, trim fit. That trim fit also comes with a narrow width in the crotch. When my baby was small, that meant constant leaks at the legs. I was never able to get a tight enough seal at the legs to prevent leaking. Her clothes would be wetter than the insert, so it was never an issue of how much the diaper could hold. It was simply a matter of how well it could contain mini-floods. I wonder if we would have had better luck with the snap version instead of the hook and loop. The snap version has two rows of snaps – and we often had good luck with diapers like that since we could get a tighter fit on the legs if needed.

I loved the one size combination insert that came with this diaper – and I actually ended up using the insert in other diapers since I liked it’s absorbency and how fast it washes and dries. It has half microfiber and half hemp fleece, so it is absorbent and trim.

As my little girl got bigger, we were able to use the Blueberry one size with fewer leaks, but it just never gave us the fit we needed. I still think this is a great diaper – it just did not fit my little girl and her heavy drinking ways. Other parents I have talked to have had good experiences with the Blueberry one size diaper, so I know it is a popular diaper. The minky version is supposed to be adorable and super cuddly.

The quality is very good. The inner microfleece lining is soft and the pocket opening is well-designed, if a bit narrow for stuffing. It is likely this diaper would fit well for babies with chunkier thighs – and those who do not have a 2-quarts-a-day rice milk habit.

I do like that the Blueberry diapers are made in the USA. That is a major plus in my book! My conclusion? These diapers are worth a try, but I’d try one before investing in a bunch since they don’t work for all babies.

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One thought on “Blueberry One Size Diaper Review

  1. We have had a very similar experience and I’m glad to know it’s not just us! We received 2 of the newborn diapers and 2 of the minky in o/s and they are all so over-the-top adorable! I want them to work so badly but they just don’t. We could never get the newborn ones to work, even at 3 months they still leaked. The one size ones are better–some days they work, some they don’t. We’ll keep trying because they’re so cute, we also love the insert and they’re far too expensive to let them sit in the drawer! Our baby has chunky little thighs but is very small in the hips/bum, so maybe that’s the problem.

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