Otter Blotters 2 Size AI2 Cloth Diaper Review

Debby Reed of Otter Blotters sent me Hawaiian print all in two (AI2) 2 size Otter Blotter diaper for review. My first impression was – “Wow! This took a LONG time to sew!” These diapers have a huge amount of detail and must take a lot of effort to put together. I chose a diaper with mesh sides so we could use it as a pull-on diaper in addition to the hook and loop tabs. I love this feature, since my little girl has started potty training and this diaper can double as training pants. Being able to get a diaper on and off quickly is fabulous. Even better, the adjustable hidden tabs are impossible for little fingers to open.

The Otter Blotter is a pocket all-in-two, allowing for a lot of flexibility in how you use it. The inner pocket means you can use it as a pocket diaper. The snap in soaker pocket gives a stay dry option. The soakers are made from bamboo fleece – a very trim and absorbent option. If you choose to use the pocket and the snap in soaker, it gives a lot of absorbency.  My only problem with this diaper is that it took a really long time for the soakers to dry. They are sewn with only a few layers of bamboo in each section, but since bamboo is so absorbent it can take a while to dry.

The inner lining is suedecloth, my favorite stay-dry lining. Suedecloth is my favorite because it feels the dryest when damp and messes do not stick to it!  The outer print fabric (supplex, the fabric used to make surfing shorts) is adorable and holds up really well to washing and wear without pilling.

The hook and loop (like Velcro) tabs are adjustable in length and they attach inside a snap up panel. This keeps the tabs away from curious little fingers and discourages tiny naturists from taking off their diapers. The hidden tabs also make it impossible for them to snag on other laundry or scratch your arms and clothes while you hold your baby.

The Otter Blotter also adjusts in the rise, so it fits two different sizes.

Overall, this is a great diaper and it has many unique features that I have not seen anywhere else. You can see Otter Blotters AI2 and the other Otter products at

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One thought on “Otter Blotters 2 Size AI2 Cloth Diaper Review

  1. Hi Julie!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to try out the OB AI2 and give it a careful, honest review. You are right, they do take time to sew! Cloth diapers are a labor of love, but they’re well worth making AND using!

    I wanted to post a couple notes about the OBs:
    I should add that I have since replaced the hidden layers of bamboo fleece in the O-Pads, Econ-O-Pads, inserts, and doublers with hemp fleece. I think the hemp is equally or more absorbent, but is trimmer with less bulk, so dries faster. I prefer the feel of the bamboo, but if the hemp is hidden it’s not an issue.

    Since sending your AI2 I have also made the following design changes:
    1. The front fastening now has just 1 piece of hook tape in the pocket (not 2). Having a single layer on the tummy seems to hold the tabs just as well, it makes the front less bulky and more flexible, and it makes it easier to get the tabs in and out of the pocket.
    2. The snap-down 2-size Blotters will have 2 extra snaps on the front panel (these only need to be opened to adjust the rise). The extra snaps make the front lie flatter with no gapping for a cleaner, more streamlined look, and also help keep the pocket securely closed in the wash.

    Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from anyone who has questions about OBs–I’m always to happy to talk your ear off about cloth!

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