Indian Prefold Cloth Diapers

Indian Prefold Cloth Diaper

Indian Prefold Cloth Diaper

Prefold cloth diapers rock. Seriously. Even with the many, many cloth diapers I have, I use prefolds about half the time. Why? They are easy to use. They are super absorbent. They are great for clearing up the food allergy rashes my little one is prone too. They are inexpensive. They are cute. And getting a good fit is easy, even when your baby changes sizes rapidly!

This picture shows a hand-dyed Indian unbleached prefold diaper held on with a Snappi. Prefolds are really inexpensive, even high quality premium Indian prefolds are just about $2.25 each and will last through hundreds of washings. Consider that 9 disposables will cost the same and last through only 9 uses – it is clear that prefolds are a bargain. Prefer organic? Bummis new organic cotton prefolds are a real deal at $3.25 each. Infant sizes are less, of course!

Even cute hand-dyed premium Indian prefolds like this one are only $4.77 (at least at One Lucky Mama, I have seen them higher elsewhere). So, for the cost of 2 days worth of disposables, you can have an adorable diaper that will last a year or more. Indian prefold cloth diapers are made with cotton, in this case unbleached cotton. Natural fibers are breathable and biodegradable. Since they are dyed with low-impact dyes they are a fun and relatively ecofriendly way to spice up your diaper stash. We have so many colored prefolds, the only white or unbleached prefolds we have are samples of other brands. I do wash all the diapers together and we have never had a problem with the colors bleeding.

Eva has had a few really bad allergic reactions to food that have literally left open sores on her bum within a few hours after eating the offending food (corn seems to be the newest villian – even her lips and chin peeled!). Nothing clears her skin up faster than putting her in prefold cloth diapers with either no cover or wool covers.

No, the diaper is not making her bowlegged. She can’t stand alone yet, so I propped her against the wardrobe for a picture! The fold you see here is a modified newspaper fold. I’ll have to post a tutorial, it is super easy. A lot of people are intimidated by folding prefolds, but they are so much easier than people make it sound. I usually alternate between newspaper fold and the twist fold, but it takes just a few seconds to get a diaper on even my contortionist wild child (ever seen a kid stand on their shoulders to avoid a diaper change?

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6 thoughts on “Indian Prefold Cloth Diapers

  1. Hi, I actually just stumbled on your site and like what I see! I have been using cloth diapers (Indian Unbleached Prefolds with a Snappi a Prowrap or Thirsties wrap) since my 20 month old daughter came home from the hospital. I LOVE them. However, since she is growing out of the standard Premium size, I was planning on trying birsdeye flats with a prefold doubler. I noticed that you do not have a review for flats yet. Any opinions? If not, I can let you know after I’ve tested these. Thanks for the great site!

  2. I sell birdseye flat diapers and have many customers who love them. I also have a few in my stash. They do work well and are really flexible for sizing. They take more know-how for folding and one is usually not enough absorbency past the newborn stage. That said, I do like the ability to fold them into any shape or size I need. In addition to using them as diapers, I have used them as doublers and as pocket diaper stuffers.

  3. How do using prefolds help clear up skin rashes? I understand diaper rash, but food allergies, too? How?

    • Prefolds are very breathable – depending on what cover you use. They are also very absorbent and they are a natural fiber. When my daughter has a rash, I just use the most breathable cover option I have at hand (usually wool or fleece if we are at home, PUL if we are going out). Then I change her every time she wets. Diaper rash clears up fast when it is kept very dry. Moisture, especially urine, makes it worse. So, changing any diaper fast will help clear up a rash but a breathable diaper option is going to work the fastest. If I am staying right next to her, I will even use a prefold with a doubler and no cover, sometimes. Then I know the second she wets and I can change her before it leaks on anything. Also, prefolds are super easy to clean, so they come very clean in the wash and tend not to have detergent buildup as fast as synthetics. So, I think the prefolds are just easier on her skin as long as she is changed frequently. Your mileage may vary – as they say.

  4. Ah, okay. I thought you were saying that prefolds helped alleviate the rashes on her face. I was picturing a mummy baby. lol.

    • LOL, she would never stand for that! When she does have a rash on her face from food allergies it tends to get yeast infections so my doctor siad to keep it clean and dry, and to use athlete’s foot cream. So, I do my best to keep her drool wiped off, apply a thin coating of athlete’s foot cream then put a thin coat of a really good diaper rash cream (I love Sheepish Grins Grinning All Over Balm). That keeps her as dry as possible and gives the cream a chance to work before she drools it off again. I will be so glad when this last tooth is in!

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