WeeHuggers Bamboo Diaper Review

WeeHuggers all in one

WeeHuggers all in one

WeeHuggers bamboo diapers are made with super soft bamboo inside and out. They are available in an all in one style as well as a diaper cover. Lisa, the WeeHugg founder, sent us a gorgeous all in one to review.

This is a very, very trim diaper that is still very-absorbent. As you can see on my tester, it fits snugly without any added bulk. It fits nicely under clothing and is as close to a disposable in fit as any diaper I have seen.

I always have my little tester wear a diaper several times before I write a review so I can see how it performs under various conditions and how it holds up to washing. I am happy to report that the WeeHugger all in one holds up beautifully in the washer and dryer. This is the first diaper I have seen using the new bamboo PUL, so I was curious whether the PUL would wrinkle or separate in the wash. It has stayed smooth and waterproof despite my hot wash and hot dryer treatments.

WeeHuggers are advertised as a daytime diaper, so I also wanted to test how long the outer fabric would stay dry. Like any other natural fiber PUL (cotton prints, cotton knits, etc.) the outer fabric will wick moisture if the diaper is very wet. I first tried it for a 4 hour block of time that included a good long nap (yes, my little girl does nap from time to time!). As I expected, the outer part of the PUL did wick and was pretty damp after 4 hours. So, I tried it again with a Little for Now hemp diaper doubler. This time the outer part of the diaper stayed dry. When we used it for normal daytime use (no nap that day!) she stayed dry for over two hours.

The WeeHuggers diapers are designed with tiny mitten like Velcro-like closures that look like hugging hands around your child’s waist. When I first saw them, I was worried that the two layers of hook and loop tape would come apart in the wash. After 6 washes they are still tightly sealed together. Most hook and loop diapers tend to roll in at the waist on my skinny little tester, but this one rolled less than most.

Drying time was surprisingly short for an all in one. The WeeHuggers are designed with a flap style soaker made from bamboo/organic cotton french terry. All of the fabrics are bleached with peroxide instead of chlorine, so they are environmentally friendly. Another bonus – the WeeHuggers are made in America.

If you are looking for a very trim, environmentally-friendly diaper, the WeeHuggers all in one is an economical and adorable option. They will work best for daytimes and frequent changing, but with a doubler they do last longer.  I really like this diaper and it is fun to use. You can learn more about WeeHuggers at http://www.weehuggers.com.

Celtic Cloth Medium AIO Cloth Diaper Review

Celtic Cloth AIO Pattern

Celtic Cloths AIO Pattern

I usually review cloth diapers you can purchase, but I decided to mix it up a little and add in some of my reviews for cloth diaper patterns. When your life revolves around cloth diapers and sewing them, you naturally want to try out any patterns you can find to see how everyone else is doing things. The picture above is my finished tester of the Celtic Cloths Medium All in One free pattern. At first I was sure the tabs would be too wide and I was not at all sure that having the leg elastic roll in was a great plan since I was using a laminated cotton print. Sometimes cotton prints can wick moisture if the legs roll in. To my surprise, we have had great luck with this diaper – no leaks, even overnight - and it is actually one of the first diapers I reach for.

The wide tabs make it easy to adjust for Eva’s tiny waist and chunky thighs, since I can snap the wait and legs on different snap settings. The sizing is perfect for a medium diaper. The directions were easy to follow. You do need a snap press or snap pliers to apply plastic snaps if you choose to use snaps (metal snaps are not recommended for diapers since they can rust, are hot from the dryer, and don’t tend to work well with cloth diaper fabrics). You can also use Touchtape or Aplix (hook and loop tape, similar to Velcro), but the snaps are one of the things that make this pattern work so well for us.

If you prefer to have a quick dry all in one cloth diaper, you might want to consider making an attached soaker flap instead of putting all of the absorbency into the middle of the diaper as it can take a bit longer to dry that way.

This is a good pattern for an intermediate diaper maker, though a beginner can also have good results.

You can get the free pattern here:

Celtic Cloths Medium Cloth Diaper Pattern