Cloth Diaper Cover: Bummis Super Whisper Wrap

Super Whisper Wrap Ladybug Print

Supwer Whisper Wrap Ladybug Print

If you use prefolds, flats or fitted cloth diapers, the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap cloth diaper cover is a great choice for a work-horse diaper cover that still looks adorable. Cloth diaper covers are not all made the same! Bummis Super Whisper Wrap (SWW) is one of our favorites. They are soft, fit great and are easy to use. The prints are super cute and they come in sizes that fit for several months per size. Bummis has been a fixture in the cloth diapering world for many years. Their products are popular in part because of the quality that goes into Bummis products.

These cloth diaper covers are very trim fitting and the soft, waterproof fabric holds in moisture really well. They are easily adjustable with strong hook and loop tabs or with snaps. Reasonably priced, they are a good deal for use over fitteds or prefolds.

One concern that some parents have is that they Bummis SWW does not have leg gussets. If you are folding a cloth diaper and using pins or a Snappi to fasten it, leg gussets are usually not necessary. Fitted diapers have their own leg elastic, so the cover is a second line of defense, not the primary leak control. We never saw any real difference between covers with or without gussets. For some families, it does make a difference. If you prefer a cover that has gussets,  you may prefer the Thirsties Duo Wrap, the Rumparooz one size cloth diaper, or the Bummis Super Brite.

The newborn size is perfect for newborns or preemies, they fit from about 7-10 pounds. It is the one cloth diaper cover that really fit my daughter perfectly those first few weeks when she was all of about 6 pounds and change. Of course, she outgrew it quickly, so if you have bigger babies I would recommend starting with the small size, meant to fit from about 8 pounds to 15 pounds. Eva is still wearing the small size at 12 pounds and 25 inches tall, although she is almost too tall for them and we’ll be moving up to the next size soon.

Another concern some parents have is that the SWW comes in 4 sizes. Rest assured, you likely will only need two or three sizes. If you have a big baby, you can start off with the small at around 8 pounds. If your baby is average, they may not outgrow the medium size before they potty-train. For larger babies, the large and extra large sizes offer good coverage. While a one size diaper cover means buying fewer sizes, you’ll also likely find that the fit is not as precise, making them bulkier for newborns and too small for larger toddlers. Sized diaper covers are also more likely to last through more than one child since they are not used for as long.

Bummis Super Whisper Wraps come in white and several cute prints. They are also now available in snaps for those who prefer the more durable option of snap closures. Whether you like the ladybugs, robots, frogs, jungle or another print, you can find several cute prints for your baby or stick to basic white.

The Super Whisper Wrap is also available as part of the Bummis Beautiful Basics packages (3 organic prefolds and 1 cover) which is a great way to try cloth diapers if you are not sure about making the commitment yet. These packages are also great for baby shower gifts. You can also find these adorable Bummis cloth diaper covers in the Bummis Organic Cloth Diaper Kits. The Cloth Diaper Kits have enough diapers for full-time cloth diapering – all in a simple and easy package.

You can find Bummis cloth diaper covers at

Prestons Pants Diaper Review

Prestons Pants Pocket Diaper Review

Prestons Pants is owned by a sweet woman named Colleen. Her pocket diapers have been popular for several years, and I bought one to give them a try. The diaper I chose had a cute frog print. One of the wonderful things about Colleen’s diapers is the wide range of prints available in both cotton and polyester PUL. When I purchased the diaper, I did not tell Colleen about my reviews or tell her that this was a diaper for review since I wanted to be sure I got the same quality diaper as anyone else would get.

I really liked the design and features of this sized cloth diaper. Unfortunately, I chose the wrong size for my baby so we did not get as nice a fit as I had hoped. This was totally my error, I should have measured first! I chose a special size instead of the large I should have chosen. So, while we got some use out of this diaper, my daughter outgrew it prematurely since she is not built that slim.

One thing we loved about this diaper is the gentle leg elastic. The fit is so precise that there is no bulky gathered area at the legs as on most cloth diapers. The fit is really trim and very adjustable. One size diapers are all the rage now and Preston’s Pants offers what looks like a great one size diaper. However, we love the sized diapers. No one size diaper fits quite as trimly and nicely as a good sized diaper. Even if your stash consists mainly of one size diapers, it is a good idea to have some sized diapers as well. There are times when you’ll just want a great fit with no fuss – such as under baby jeans.

The inner lining on our diaper is super soft microfleece. I like microfleece lined pockets since they are stretchy and easy to stuff. The high quality fleece held up well to washing too.

The construction is absolutely perfect. While some WAHM diapers are not made well, the Preston’s Pants are sewn with precision. The snaps are durable and set with great care and accuracy. Each wing tab has 3 snaps, so there is no wing droop. Best of all, it would take one tough toddler to get this diaper off without help.

If you are looking for a trim-fitting sized pocket diaper in unique prints and styles, check out Preston’s Pants.

Bamboozle Cloth Diaper Review

Bamboozle Cloth DiaperI love the Bamboozle cloth diaper! Soft, soft, soft and cuddly bamboo loop terry (think bath towel, but softer), combined with a great fit and super absorbency. We bought a size 2, which is made to fit from about 10 pounds to 35 pounds. This is the same range that most one size diapers are meant to fit, which makes them a great deal for a bamboo diaper (whoops, the FTC says we now need to call it viscose of bamboo or rayon from bamboo). They fit very trimly and you can choose to add the snap-in doubler for older babies. The cross-over snaps on the wings make them easy to adjust even for skinny babies.

Bamboozles are made by TotBots in Scotland. The Bamboozle is one of the top-rated and top-selling diapers in the United Kingdom. They are also Oeko-Tek certified to be free from any harnful chemicals.

If you have a baby in that in-between learning to eat solids stage, you might want to use a flushable liner to make it easier to remove solids. For breastfed newborns this is not an issue, since you can just drop the whole thing in the wash. For older babies it is not much of an issue either, since solids come off pretty easily. Messy poops will make you grateful for either a diaper sprayer or a liner.

I love how cuddly this diaper is, and how it still looks great after several washes. The absorbency was good as well. For overnights, you’ll need a doubler. For day time, this is a soft and easy to use diaper.

To adjust the rise for little babies, simply remove the doubler and fold the rise down. You can snap the wings into the same snaps that once held the doubler in place. For older babies, just wrap and snap as you would any diaper. No complicated adjustments and no bulk. These fit nicely under Bummis cloth diaper covers, Thirsties Duo Wraps and also under Imse Vimse or Happy Heiny’s wool diaper covers. Pairing the Bamboozle with wool makes a nice, breathable combination for babies with sensitive skin.

You can buy Bamboozles in my store, Little for Now cloth diapers.