Wahmies Wet Bags, Diaper Pail Liners Win Awards

Wahmies cloth diaper wet bags and DSQ cloth diaper pail liners recently won top parenting awards. If you have ever used Wahmies products, I am sure this comes as no surprise to you. If you are new to Wahmies cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories, you are in for a real treat. Wahmies products are very popular with moms and dads who cloth diaper.

Wahmies new diaper service quality – DSQ pail liners won the iParenting Media Hot award and the Mom’s Best Award. These new DSQ cloth diaper pail liners have heat sealed seams to prevent leaks. They also have a new elastic loop closure system (similar to the Little for Now cloth diaper pail liners). These are perfect for keeping smells in while transporting diapers or carrying them to the laundry room. Since the loop is just the right size to close the bag it is MUCH safer than having a drawstring product.

Babies and toddlers have strangled on drawstrings – which is why they are no longer allowed on baby or kids clothing. Yet many companies sell drawstring bags, assuming that kids will not have access to them. Cloth diaper pails are usually in a baby’s room or near where they play – so access should be assumed. Since every kid I have ever known puts any loose cord/ribbon/drawstring they find around their neck – I simply will not sell any drawstring products. Now, thanks to Wahmies, I can offer a second brand of diaper pail liners without compromising safety.

A lot of mom’s ask me if a diaper pail liner is a necessity. One mom on the Mom’s Best Award summed up my feelings exactly, “”It’s nice not to have to touch dirty diapers to do the laundry. Everything just gets thrown in together!” Of course, I also really love the fact that with a diaper pail liner I almost never have to scrub the cloth diaper pails. With three pails in our house, that is one chore I can live without.

Wahmies DSQ pail liners come in a wide array of colors and several really cute prints. Since all of their prints are polyester, they hold up great to washing and don’t wick at the seams.

Wahmies Fun Prints Wet Bags also won both the iParenting Media Award. These adorable wet bags have been wildly popular for years – not only do they hold in odors, now they have heat sealed seams on the waterproof layer of the bags so you can count on a wick-free wet bag. Wahmies wet bags, available in 3 sizes, come in collectible “Fun Prints.” These prints usually sell out fast as most prints are limited editions. Wahmies wet bags are wonderful for organizing your diaper bag. I keep one wet bag with a clean change of clothes, one for diaper bag toys, and one for dirty diapers. Since they are all different, I know exactly where everything is in my diaper bag. Moms I know use them for cosmetic bags, sippy cup holders, swim suits, soccer cleats and anything else you can imagine. When Eva is old enough, I plan to use one for quiet time activities like crayons and paper so I never have to worry about entertaining a bored child!

Wahmies Cloth Diaper Wet Bags Review

Wahmies cloth diaper wet bags are cute, well-made and wick-free. Gotta love them. Wahmies owner, Lisa

Wahmies Cloth Diaper Wet Bags

Wahmies Cloth Diaper Wet Bags

Adkins, is also one of the nicest people in the cloth diapering world, so I love selling her products. Wahmies was actually started by another mom, but Lisa bought the company a couple of years back. Lisa is also the mompreneur behind Drybees diapers and was the original owner/creator of Sheepish Grins, a company I now own. All of this while raising two kids and still working full-time in the West Virginia schools with kids who have speech problems.

Wahmies wet bags are super popular and people will go to great lengths to get the perfect print. Some cloth diapering moms develop a bit of an obsession with collecting these cute bags. And why not? At about $16 per bag, it is an affordable addiction. I need a cute wet bag for sunscreen, lotion and diaper cream. I need another for keeping all the baby food and snacks organized in the diaper bag. One for the change of clothes in the diaper bag so they don’t get scattered about every time I need something from the bottom of the diaper bag. I use one in my gym bag for wet swimsuits. The small bags are the right size for my cloth pads. Oh, yeah, and one for the cloth diapers.

Some moms use a Wahmies wet bag for wipes, with a matching one for the diapers. Other moms use a large wet bag to hold cloth diapers near the family bed or in the downstairs bathroom.

Wahmies cloth diaper wet bags come in three sizes. Small, regular and all-day. The small ones will hold wipes or one cloth diaper. The regular size will hold 4-6 diapers, so they are perfect for most outings. The all-day size will hold 6-8 diapers, so it is a good choice for longer outings or for use as a small hanging wet bag. The all-day size has a handle sewn on.

All Wahmies print bags are made with one layer of cotton fabric and one layer of PUL (polyurethane laminate), sewn together at the top only, so you don’t have to worry about wicking even if you have some sopping wet diapers in there.

Wahmies get points for quality and cuteness, and they are still made in the USA, unlike several other brands. Also, Lisa is committed to supporting work at home moms, so she retails her products through small, family-owned businesses and not through big-box retailers.

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