Kissaluvs Cloth-N-Go Wetbag

Kissaluvs Cloth-N-Go Bag

Kissaluvs Cloth-N-Go Bag

Kissaluvs Cloth-N-Go wetbags are cute, but you know how we operate here at Cloth Diaper Reviews – cute just doesn’t cut it! Function is the name of the game here and these bags are super-functional. No wicking! They hold just what you need for a short trip to the store, a trip to the post office, a walk around the neighborhood or any of the dozens of other little trips we moms make each week.

I especially love that the handle is nice and long, so it is comfortable in your hand or you can wrap it around anything to free your hands. The snap allows you to attach it nearly anywhere. I have even used it attached to the waist strap of a mei tai so my hands are totally free but we still have that emergency diaper on hand (and a place for my keys). I know my kid is not the only one who choose the worst possible times to need a diaper change faster than expected.

The outside is a cute print with two pockets so you can store your keys, a diaper wipes spray (Kissaluvs diaper lotion potion, of course!), and clean wipes (Kissaluvs makes those too!). One of the pockets even has a snap so little things stay in place. Inside is a zippered wet bag that won’t wick and will help seal odors in so you are not constantly reminded of the contents.

I was lucky enough to get in on the testing phase with these bags. The final product is perfect. My original sample wasn’t waterproof enough for my tastes – so I explained that to Tashi Nibber, the owner of Kissaluvs. Sure enough, she found a way to make them so leak proof that she tells me she filled one with water and it didn’t leak. While I am not recommending anyone try that at home, you can rest assured that this is one wet bag that won’t be wicking!

I have several pocketed wet bags and they are perfect for so many things. I keep one in the car with an emergency changing set. No more surpises on the road when our darling runs out of diapers. They also make perfect toiletry bags for travel for both mom and dad. If your shampoo implodes at high altitude, your clothes won’t foam when you wear them.

My favorite use, though, is as an eating out kit. We usually bring along a jar of food in case we order something Eva can’t eat (it’s tough when you only have 8 teeth AND have food allergies!). We also make good use of our Bumkins waterproof bib (someone should study how a baby can spread one bite of food so far – I am sure there is a use in the space program or energy conservation or something). The side pockets hold a few flannel face wipes and a couple of spoons (one for her to use, one for us to feed her with). All packed up and ready to go, this little bag has been a life saver for us. After a typically messy meal, we can wet the wipes, clean little hands and face (and table and chair and Mommy). All the messy stuff goes in the bag for washing when we get home. No leaky bibs, errant spoons or messy wipes in the diaper bag!

I am sure you’ll find a million uses for these cute little bags – and the price is great. Grab one in each of the three prints – I promisey you’ll be glad you did.

Kissaluvs Cloth-N-Go bags are available at Little for Now cloth diaper store.

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